(Trying to) get settled into the new place

Joel didn’t officially get sworn in until the Tuesday after we got here, so that Monday we used to shop for essentials and food. We started the morning off at Target, I mean honestly, where else would you go? And as luck would have it, we live literally right across the street from a Target, talk about DANGEROUSLY awesome! But because we live in the middle of the city it’s a smaller Target, if you absolutely need something you could probably find it there, but if you want more options you need to go to the bigger Target which is about 10 minutes away by car. So we started there on Monday. Remember how I said that Naomi couldn’t have been better over our three days of car travel? Well she made up for it this day. I think she was protesting being strapped into any kind of seat for a 4th day in a row. Honestly, we probably should have seen this coming, but we needed to do some essential shopping! The end of the Target trip Naomi was starting to get a little huffy, but we still thought we could brave the grocery store. You know how you go to the store and you see a kid just losing their mind and you say to yourself “ Wow, I would never let me kid act that way, or can you believe how that kid is acting?” Welp my friends, we were THOSE people in the store with THAT kid. Ugh, Naomi had reached the end of her rope and she made sure the entire Safeway grocery store knew about it. In my pathetic attempt to entertain her during this meltdown, a sweet lady who worked at the grocery store in the flower and balloon area quickly made Naomi a pink balloon to carry around. You know how people do that for kids when they think they are sweet and cute? I promise you this was a last ditch effort to get my kid to hush up and save everyone’s sanity at the store. The balloon excitement and fascination lasted an entire 30 seconds. I was that mom who was carrying her screaming kid out the door. First day in DC and I was already killing it as a mom. So for anyone who was at that Safeway that Monday, man am I sorry, my kid really doesn’t always act that way, but you will never know that. She was in fact THAT kid that day, ugh.

At least we had a beautiful sunset to finish a rough day. Naomi LOVES watching planes take off from Reagan National just around the corner.

After our first day filled with meltdowns I decided that it would probably be best for Naomi and for our sake if we just stayed home for a few days and do nothing but just play and get used to our new home. Now Naomi has always been a great sleeper (knock on wood), but for some reason she decided for our first week and a half at our new apartment to wake up around 5:45am everyday, an entire hour earlier than her normal time. I think it was her way of adjusting, but we did not appreciate her adjusting that way. It took close to two weeks for her to finally settle back into her “normal” routine. Going to bed by 7pm and not waking up until 6:30-7:00am with anywhere from an hour and a half to three hour nap everyday. I knew it would take a bit to get her back on her normal schedule, but when you are also trying to settle in yourself that early wakeup can be no fun. Along with Naomi getting back into her routine we had to wait for the rest of our shipment that was specifically set aside for DC to get here. So we were pretty much living out of our suitcases and whatever we could fit into our car for the first few weeks.

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